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Data Modeling & Exchange Working Group (DMEWG)

The Data Modeling & Exchange Working Group is a sister committee to the SX000i committee. While the SX000i defines common logistics processes to be used across all S-Series specifications and the interactions between the respective S-Series ILS Specification logistic processes, the DMEWG ensures the technical details so as to ensure that such processes are properly implemented across the different specifications. In particular, the DMEWG is responsible for:

- The SX001G Glossary for the S-Series ILS Specifications, which covers the definition of all terms used across the S-Series ILS specifications.

- The SX002 Common Data Model for the S-Series ILS Specifications, which covers the core model shared by at least two different specifications.

- The SX003 Compatibility Matrix for the S-Series ILS Specifications, which identifies the compatibility between different specification issues.

- The SX004G, UML model readers guidance, which provides a guide how to read the UML models for all specifications.

- The exchange specifications supporting the data transfer for a specific domain.

All specifications are represented in the DMEWG, which also counts with domain experts that contribute to the development of the specifications under its responsibility.

The specifications developed by the DMEWG can be also downloaded from this site free of charge in the Downloads section.

Member list

  Name Company (Representing) / Role  
  Leif Gyllström Saab (S3000L)  Chair  
  Ryan Augsburger Boeing (S1000D) Co-Chair  
  Kathy Rainbolt Pentecom (S1000D)  
  Andreas Fleck Airbus Defence & Space (S2000M)  
  Paul Haslam O'Neil (S4000P)  
  Ramón Somoza Airbus Defence & Space (S5000F / SX000i)  
  Stefano Tedeschi Isselnord (S6000T)  
  Ryan Mayes LOGSA (GEIA-0007)  
  Bill Foreman, Boeing (AIA)  
  Parker Owen ISS (Domain Expert)  
  Mike Day Rolls-Royce (Domain Expert)  
  Jeffrey Deskins Corena (Domain Expert)  
  Mats Nilsson FMV (Observer)