About SX000i

International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) specifications


By defining common logistics processes to be used across all S-Series specifications and the interactions of the current S-Series specifications with the logistics processes, the SX000i forms the basis for sharing and exchanging data securely through the life of products and services. The SX000i also provides governance for the maintenance of current S-Series specifications and the development of new S-Series specifications.


SX000i provides a guide for the use of the suite ILS Specifications by ILS managers and practitioners, as well as for the management and future development of the specifications by the ILS Specification Council and ILS specification SCs and WGs. SX000i:

  • Explains the vision and objectives for the suite of specifications;
  • Provides a framework that documents the global ILS process and interactions;
  • Explains how the ASD/AIA ILS specifications interface with other standardization domains including Program Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Security, Safety, Configuration Management, Quality, Data Exchange & Integration, and Life Cycle Cost;
  • Describes the global governance of ASD/AIA ILS specifications development;
  • Provides guidance on how to satisfy specific business requirements using an appropriate selection of defined processes and specifications.

SX000i Guide development history

During the development of the ASD ILS Specifications, the different WGs identified the need for an “umbrella” specification to ensure the compatibility and commonality of ILS processes among the suite of ILS specifications.  In 2011, the decision was made to develop, publicize and maintain an Integrated Logistic Support Guide, named SX000i, so as to provide a compatible and common ILS process to be used in the other ILS specifications.  Development of SX000i was viewed by the ILS Specifications Council as an essential step to achieving the vision for the suite of ILS specifications.

In June of 2011, the SX000i WG was formed and SX000i development commenced.  The current title of SX000i, International Guide for the Use of the S-Series Integrated Logistics Support Specifications, was approved by the ASD/AIA ILS Specifications Council in June of 2012.

Following the formation of the SX000i WG, the ASD/AIA Data Model and Exchange Working Group (DMEWG) was formed under the ILS Specifications Council in October 2011.  Working in close coordination with the SX000i WG, the DMEWG coordinates the data modeling activities that are performed within the respective ASD ILS Specification SCs and WGs so as to harmonize and consolidate data requirements into one coherent data model.

Publication of SX000i, and continuing DMEWG coordination activities, enable the achievement of the vision for the suite of ILS specifications “to apply common logistics processes so as to share and exchange data securely through the life of products and services.”

The companies and organizations that currently participate or have participated in the development and publication of SX000i are (in alphabetic order):

Airbus France
Airbus Defence and Space Germany and Spain
Boeing Defence Systems USA
ESG Elektroniksystem unf Logistik GmbH Germany
FACC Operations GmbH Austria
German Bundewehr Germany
Heme GmbH Germany
Leonardo Italy
Lockheed Martin U.S.A
OCCAR-ES European (multinational)
O’Neil & Associates U.S.A.
Rockwell Collins U.S.A.
Saab Sweden
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Turkey
Uk MoD United Kingdom

SX000i Issue 1.0 was published in December 2015.

SX000i Issue 1.1 was published in July 2016.

Brief description and outline

SX000i provides the framework for the global ILS process, as well as the guidelines for the selection and use of the suite of ILS Specifications. Nonetheless, SX000i also defines the global specification governance, as well as the mechanisms that are used to ensure that the suite of ILS Specifications is both integrated and interoperable.

SX000i consists of six chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Guide
  • Chapter 2 – Integrated Logistic Support Framework
  • Chapter 3 – Usage of the Suite of ILS Specifications in an ILS Program
  • Chapter 4 – Governance of the ASD/AIA Suite of ILS Specifications
  • Chapter 5 – Terms, abbreviations and acronyms
  • Chapter 6 – Comparison of specification terminology
SX000i is freely available for download in the Downloads page.
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