S-Series 2021 block release

SX000i is part of the 2021 block release of the S-Series IPS specifications.

The block release is the method by means of which the IPS Council ensures that all S-Series IPS specifications are aligned and have interoperable processes and data exchanges. Though this might not seem very important to some, it is a world primer! No other suite of specifications in the field of integrated product support (and indeed, in almost any field) has achieved ever this level of integration!

What this implies is that a contract that decides on the use of the S-Series IPS specifications will not have to worry about incoherent processes or data inconsistencies. Even if different tools are used for the different internal processes, or multiple partners are involved in the project, the data will be homogeneous and can be easily shared. Anyone who has participated in a complex project (in particular, international ones) will be relieved that this serious problem is no longer an issue.

The S-Series 2021 block release dated April 2021 includes the following specifications:

  • SX000H, Harmonized Suite of the S-Series Integrated Product Support (IPS) Specifications, Issue 1.0
  • SX000i, International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS), Issue 3.0
  • S2000M, International specification for Materiel Management, Issue 7.0
  • S3000L, International specification for Logistic Support Analysis – LSA, Issue 2.0
  • S4000P, International specification for developing scheduled maintenance programs, Issue 2.1
  • S5000F, International specification for in-service data feedback, Issue 3.0
  • S6000T, International specification for training analysis and design, Issue 2.0
  • SX001G, Glossary for the S-Series IPS specifications, Issue 3.0
  • SX002D, Common Data Model for the S-Series IPS specifications, Issue 2.1
  • SX004G, UML model reader’s guide, Issue 2.0
  • SX005G, S-Series IPS specifications XML schema implementation guidance, Issue 2.0

The specifications in bold can be downloaded from our Downloads page. In order to obtain the remaining specifications for free, please refer to their respective websites, which are listed in our Links page.

S1000D is not included in this block release because there is a third association involved in their development, and they have to agree with this approach. It is expected that they will also form part of future block releases.