ASD and AIA are currently developing formal training courses for ASD/AIA SX000i, International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS), which will be provided by reputed educational institutions. In the meantime, certain individuals have been granted the status of certified trainers due to their knowledge and contribution to the development of the specification. The description of scope of the training that they can perform is described at the end of the page. Note that the SS5000F SC certifies that they have the proper knowledge, not necessarly training skills.

Should you need a formal training in SX000i, you can contact the following certified trainers through the Contact page.

Note that anyone NOT on this list cannot claim to be certified.

List of certified trainers

Cert. number Scope Spec. Issue Issue/renewal date Expiry date Name Organization Country
SX000i-001 T 1.1/1.2,
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Ramón Somoza Airbus Spain
SX000i-002 P 1.1/1.2
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Dawn Meyer Boeing USA
SX000i-003 P 1.1/1.2,
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Michael J. Barter UK MoD UK
SX000i-004 P 1.1/1.2,
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Franck Ramaroson Heme Lifecycle Germany
SX000i-005 P 1.1/1.2 2017-03-28 2022-12-31 Sami Tarik Veske TAI Turkey
SX000i-006 P 1.1/1.2 2017-03-28 2022-12-31 Santiago Basterio Airbus Spain
 SX000i-007 T 1.1/1.2
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Gerrain Müller ESG Germany
 SX000i-008 P 1.1/1.2
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Daniel Ridderbusch Bundeswehr Germany
 SX000i-009 P 1.1/1.2 2017-03-28 2022-12-31 Thomas Bauer FACC Austria
 SX000i-010 P 1.1/1.2
2017-03-28 2027-12-31 Giampaolo Caldaroni Leonardo Company Italy
 SX000i-011 P 3.0 2022-07-18 2027-07-18 MarK Willis CDS Defence and Security Italy

The skills required and training that can be performed for the scope codes in the table above are as follows:

CodeScopeSkills requiredTraining that can be performedNotes
GGeneral General specification knowledgeOverview and familiarization courses on the whole specification, up to one day.Typical use for conferences, familiarization training, etc.
PxPartialDetailed knowledge of “x” chapterTraining courses of up to two days on indicated “x” chapter.Specialization on certain specification areas.
PProcess Detailed knowledge of the whole specification, with only basic knowledge of the data modelTraining courses of up to one week on the whole specification, with only a data model overviewIncludes all G and Px scopes.
DDataGlobal knowledge of the specification and deep knowledge of the data model and XML schemasTraining courses of up to one week, mainly oriented towards IT staff, with just a global process overview.Includes the G scope.
TTotalDetailed knowledge of all the specification, including data modelTraining courses of unlimited length for all audiences, including IT staff.Includes all other scopes.